Mike Deedigan, Chief Operating Officer

Mike’s career started in retail as a trainee manager moving into leisure running many successful venues, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs and winning the ‘The Best Nightclub in the Country’ award whilst working for Sir Richard Branson at Virgin.

Mike changed his career path and moved into Sales and Marketing. Mike has held senior positions with some of the UK’s top companies, Managing Director, Sales Director, Acquisitions Director to name just a few.

Mike has launched new businesses in this country and overseas which have gone on to achieve multi-million pound turnovers and employ over 400 staff.

Mike enjoys  cooking and eating good food, Comedy, Current Affairs and Natural History programmes, Football and spending time with his Family, however not necessarily in that order!

“I am very excited about what EMAP will bring to the world of Independent Martial Arts Instructors, we have many exciting plans and benefits that will help support and develop individuals to achieve their full Potential”