At EMAP we are dedicated to our Martial Arts and believe that high levels of skill are required to teach others and to run a successful Martial Arts School or Club. We will help teach you the skills necessary to deliver both.

We run regular training sessions that focus on the individual learning the skills necessary to teach Martial Arts to others.

Being a Black Belt is usually never enough!! There are many things to think about when you are instructing others. We will help you identify the right routes to success through our collective years of experience – which is considerable!


Key to being a successful Martial Artist is flexibility and high levels of fitness. 

The Flexibility & Fitness training programme will help you develop key routines to help your students build up both their fitness and flexibility trough proven methods.


At EMAP we are committed to help you set up a successful Martial Arts Business. Effective businesses are professionally run and managed. We will help you deliver successful training to your students and give you the necessary tools to set up, then start to grow your business.


We are here to help you and your Martial Arts business succeed.