Master Jones lives and works in and around Poole in Dorset. After stepping into his first training hall in 1974 Master Jones quickly became hooked on martial arts. Firstly on Judo, then Karate, then a bit of boxing for good measure. In 1980 Master Jones discovered Taekwon-Do.

Since that date Master Jones has not only dedicated himself towards practising the Korean art to 7th Degree master level but probably, and more importantly, he has spread the art through his teaching, for which he’s highly regarded, having been awarded numerous teaching accolades, as well as coaching numerous World Champions. In the year 2000 Master Jones was a founder of what would go on to become the 2nd largest Taekwon-Do association in the UK. Master Jones has taught Taekwon-Do and self-defence all over the world.

Perhaps Master Jones unique selling point is his position as the UK pioneer in the field of ‘Adrenal stress training’. This knowledge gives him a unique insight into how the human body behaves when faced with stressful situations such as confrontation and violence. As Master Jones says, “That is the key to teaching effective self-defence.”

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